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What did we learn in Reda?
Last year, in November we were in Reda and we talked about • Rubbish problem ( different kinds of waste and its disposal) • Pollution of the Baltic Sea • Fuel combustion as a source of pollution. In order to improve our information about this topic we visited a sewage cleaning station and a rubbish dump.


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What did we learn in L’Aquila?
Last year, in March we hosted the European students in our city. The topic was always the environment and we talked about the earthquake which hit our town in 2009 and the problem of rubble disposal. The meeting offered an opportunity to let the other know about the situation of our city and above all our traditions, culture, monuments and landscape.


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What did we learn in Burgas?
In September 2014 we met our European partners in Burgas. Did we learn anything? Of course! Bulgarian traditions are completely different compared to ours, so we learnt how to adapt to particular situations. We really appreciated working in groups which gave us the possibility to reflect upon the problem of the environment and how we can change our behaviour and outlook towards nature. At the same time we had fun doing a flashmob.


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What did  we learn in Dumfries?
In January 2014 we had a meeting in Dumfries.
We attended a nice workshop on our previous collective experiences. Then we went on to visit the Science Museum in Glasgow where we were able to watch a 3D movie on the greenhouse effect on the polar icecap.
What a lovely experience we had! Robert Burns night was awesome and the Scottish  dances were great fun!



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What did we learn in Gifhorn?

In may 2014 we were in Gifhorn, for the last step of our Comenius project: that’s why the meeting was called “The final countdown”.
We attended an interesting collective workshop on our previous experiences where we had the chance to summarize the two-year work. Then we visited the Volkswagen factory with its modern and eco-friendly manufacturing techniques. On our trip to Berlin, we visited the Reichstag dome, a fine example of modern and ecological construction. 


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